Thursday, February 7, 2008

Atmospheric Dynamics role in local weather forecast

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Atmospheric Dynamics encompasses within itself all the experimental and theoretical scrutinizing of all motion systems of meteorology which has got that relevant significance. It is inclusive of many various phenomena which are known in the current and natural context as: thunderstorms, tropical hurricanes, extra tropical cyclones, tornadoes, gravity waves, jet streams, and global-scale circulations. The main and the most crucial goal of the study of Atmospheric Dynamics is to elucidate the observed circulations which are mainly made on the foundation of fundamental principles of physical atmosphere.

The practical applications of the study of Atmospheric Dynamics is most of the times inclusive of almost perfect weather prediction, developing methods for prediction of short-term which is both seasonal and inter annual, fluctuations in the climate and having a detailed understanding of the the significances of perturbations which have been human-induced, such as: increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide or the untimely gradual weakening process of the ozone layer on the global climate.

The Department which mainly handles with study of the Atmospheric Dynamics has the main participation the analysis and within its scope it has also received the active research programs which at the major times depend on the studying and analytical problem on the global scale, mesoscale and the synoptic scale. If a research on the global-scale problems is organized, then it will include many topics which are integrally related with the change in climate and climate variability, the general circulation and stratospheric dynamics. There can also be a research which is based on the Atmospheric Dynamics and related to development of the synoptic scale, then the focus turn on the on the development and formation of extra tropical cyclones, the tropopause and its dynamical influence, stratified turbulence with the formation of rotation and assimilation of data. When we will talk about the mesoscale then it must be realize that at the primary level all the research oriented efforts are concentrated on flows of wind which topographically induced , orographic precipitation, stratospheric-troposphere and gravity waves exchange through mixing at the top of deep clouds with cumulonimbus shape.

The Atmospheric Dynamics is dependent on various aspects which are obviously the main controllers of the analysis of Atmospheric Dynamics. This has been a scientifically approved that the atmosphere surrounding us is having a complex and chemically oriented structure. This is inclusive of evolving various natural events, anthropogenic and biological activities. The atmospheric chemistry has got its direct link with the fundamental chemical links to the oceans, the biota and the solid earth. Perturbations which are related with anthropogenic and it is also related with the land-use and various other industrial activities which are modified up to a great extent with the chemical composition of the stratosphere and troposphere. It has also got important consequences which are quite potent, future climate and living organisms. Explanation of these kind of changes are inclusive of the formation of an ozone hole over Antarctica since the late 1970s. There has also been a long observed trends in long-lived greenhouse gases, acidic deposition due to growing emissions of hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide in industrialized regions and the change in the concentrations of tropospheric ozone.

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