Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall 2008 - Happy Autumn

The first day of fall, or the “Autumnal Equinox” for 2008, falls on Monday, September 22nd.It occurs at 11:44:16 EDT)
It's time for a happy Autumn when nature spreads a pallet of colors. Reach out to your friends and loved ones with warm Autumn wishes and share with them the bright cheer that the red, orange..

A riot of bright colors, a mellow warmth and soft whispering winds... Autumn is special.

Fall has always been a favorite time of year.Fall seems as if it is a time of slowing down. The slowing of our frenzied life of summer, when the eve’s begin to get cool. It’s a time for opening the window while you’re sleeping and listening to the crickets instead of the hum of the heater or the air conditioner. It’s a time of balance, where the world stands still for a moment, the moment between growth and death. It’s a maturing time, when the soil seems to hold a special loam and the richness of the leaves and even the air that we breath has a musky yet snappy smell, that tells you “time has passed and the world is about to sleep.”

Heaps of leaves to jump on and pumpkin pies to gorge on! Isn't Autumn simply a time to whoopee with friends and family.

Fall is a respite between the hot day’s of summer and the bone chilling day’s of winter, where everything seems to be in balance. It helps you prepare for the breakneck speed of the upcoming holiday season, while affording you the opportunity to drink that hot cup of spiced apple cider.

Fall is a time of wandering the pumpkin patch for that special big one, and apple orchard’s for hand picked “Grannys” that will make a wonderful pie.

It’s the time to rake leaves, which is just anouther way of “starting fresh.” It’s a time for replenishing the pantry with hardy vegetables that will be turned into crock pot stews. It’s a time when the twilight arrives early and you can walk the neighborhood in the dark at 6:00, unencumbered by loud music, traffic and lawnmowers.

Softly whispering winds, bright colors and a mellow warmth... Isn't Autumn the perfect time for love?